Catch Ups

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog because I’ve been writing more, visiting my children on either coast, and generally trying to catch up with my life where it left off back in October.  How’d we get to February 2012?  Alotta time has passed.

My life really hasn’t been in the studio. I left Blue Coast Artists at the beginning of the season; it wasn’t fair to them to list me in their brochure if I am never going to be open to the public.  It’s a better fit me for to be open by appointment.

Last  month, I was visiting Jennifer and her family back east when Del from Michigan Fiber Festival called the house and told Jim I was invited to vend at the festival in August. This is a huge positive accolade for me.  And, it is inspiration to get out to the studio and start working again.  It was a timely call because I just bought a few new toys that I would like to justify; a Hansen Electric Spinner, and a Brother Electric drum carder with fine cloth.  I have the huge old vintage Pat Green Cottage Carder that Andy gave me the money for back in 2006, but it doesn’t card fine fibers. I didn’t like being restricted to only spinning Romney and other long wools, although I love them. I want to do more knitting of fabrics that can be worn next to the body and long wools are too coarse. Sorry long wool lovers. I really do love them, too.

Brother Electric Drum Carder with fine carding cloth.

My good friend Beth Pulsipherand her group from Kalamazoo, the Kazoo Yarnies, are coming to dye on Wednesday, so I better get out and move things around.  I’ll post pictures after we have our workshop.

Mixing dyes for Wednesday's workshop with Kazoo Yarnies

I’ll be busy teaching and preparing for MFF in the coming months.

Read my other blog for news about my upcoming book, Dream Lover.

Full frontal and back cover for Dream Lover.

Call me! I am psyched about our spinning group, Back Row Spinners next meeting on February 12th at Sheltering Pines Farm.  This is a REALLY diverse group of people.

Betty and I at the September Back Row Spinner's get-together.

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